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NACE TM 0109:2009

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NACE TM 0109:2009

Aboveground Survey Techniques for the Evaluation of Underground Pipeline Coating Condition

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Presents various techniques for aboveground evaluation of the coating condition of underground metallic pipelines, including the alternating current (AC) attenuation survey, direct current (DC) survey, AC-voltage gradient survey, and the Pearson survey. This standard is specifically intended to address buried onshore metallic pipelines and is based on available technology and methods that have successfully demonstrated evaluation of the coating condition of buried pipelines.

Author NACE
Editor NACE
Document type Standard
Format File
EAN ISBN 1-57590-226-5
ICS 23.040.01 : Pipeline components and pipelines in general
77.060 : Corrosion of metals
Number of pages 35
Year 2009
Document history
Country USA
Keyword 0109;TM0109